Tribal Vs. Expert Knowledge

Black Friday has come and gone.  If you ask me, the most useful tool I found while searching for new stuff to buy were an old favorite – reviews.

100’s of people writing in about what the best Chef’s knife is or what the best external hard disk could be has become an invaluable asset for consumers and also smart product managers. 

It is amazing how Amazons reviews have become more important than what an expert like NYT’s David Pogue says for example.  

Taking the same Expert Vs. Tribal knowledge analogy further, my employer offers a social tool based support for Mac users vs. an expert helpdesk for windows users. Based on my experience I can confidently say that the tribal knowledge on the Mac forum handily beats the call center based tech support in usefulness.

As more and more companies adopt social platforms internally, it has become easy to unlock the tribal knowledge held within the employees and other constituents.  

Tribal knowledge therefore has the potential to become the next big productivity tool.  

This is a topic that has excited me to a great extent and I will be blogging about examples as I find them.  If you have seen such examples, do let me know!

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